1972 Rover 3500 s

1972 Rover 3500 S


The Rover P6 was voted European Car of the Year in 1964, the very first winner of this title.

The Rover 3500 auto tested by Motor magazine in the issue published on 20 April 1968, achieved a maximum speed of 117 mph (mean), 0–60 mph in 9.5secs, with a standing quarter-mile in 17.6secs.

The letter “S” did not denote “Sport”, it was chosen because it stood for something specific on those cars: “Synchromesh”. However it is important to note that the 3500S was noticeably quicker than the automatic version of this car with a 0-60 mph time of 9 seconds, compared with 10.1 for the default, i.e. automatic, car. Moreover, due to the fuel-guzzling nature of automatic gearboxes of this era, the manual car’s official cycle was 24 mpg compared to the automatic’s 22 mpg.

This 1972 example of the mighty 3500 S is a one family owner car sold new in England. The car comes complete with British Leyland “Passport To Service Book” along with original Owner’s Manual, and other original items.

This is a lovely solid, clean, straight example but still wearing some lovely patina. This car represents very good buying for a low mileage, one family owner very original car. As we all know the “S” is the only P6 to have!!


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  • Mileage: 91000 Miles
  • Model Year: 1972
  • Trans: Manual
  • Fuel Type: Petrol