For many years, the Bain family name has been associated with classic cars in Canterbury and New Zealand. It is not only in the classic car domain that the name has a long standing history.

In 1870, John Bain opened his first retail store in Christchurch. More retail stores followed over the years, importing and wholesaling quality goods to the people of Canterbury.

During the 1980s, another offshoot of the family business – selling classic cars – was opened in the Bains Warehouse building on Lichfield Street, Christchurch. This business grew and eventually took over the entire ground floor of the buildings. The business was well regarded both nationally and internationally for its extensive selection of classic cars, books, models and motoring art. Sadly, the devastating earthquakes that hit Christchurch on February 22 2011 destroyed the Bains’ family building. In seconds, 100 years of the Bains’ family business was brought to its knees.

Continuing with the family tradition of supplying quality goods to the people of Canterbury, Andrew Bain inĀ 2012 launched Bains Classic Motor House.

Bains Classic Motor House is a fresh and exciting new venture, located in North Canterbury.

It is clear that five generations after the first Bain family business was opened in Christchurch, the passion and enthusiasm is still alive and well. Bains Classic Motor House will serve the people of Canterbury and New Zealand for generations to come. They look forward to you being part of this journey with them.